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State of golf sales

Getting questions daily regarding how the golf industry doing, especially regarding sales reps. What’s going on out there? Are reps still looking to pick-up new lines? Are they still working or have they left the industry? Are new workers entering the industry? These are all great questions and we’ve noticed a few trends that may […]

Interviewing – Zoom calls – look the part

If you’re an employer and lately running into shabby candidates during interviews, may want to pass this info on. Or you’re a job seeker looking to score a gig in golf.  Take heed to the following advice. We’ve all experienced changes Covid has brought into our daily lives and routines, including job hunting. Now more […]

Opportunity or Obstacle – May be time to hire sales talent

In these strange and unsettling times, business decisions are not easily made. The economy has changed, our personal lives disrupted, and most of us are feeling anxious and unsettled about the future. We either lay low and see how this situation unfolds or we make moves. Because with obstacles come opportunity. Take the stock market […]

Club Management turnover – Elephant in the club

The average turnover for a club General Manager is approximately 2.5 years.* When a GM leaves a club, other staff members follow. Management turnover causes financial, motivational and emotional problems for club members and employees. A must read for anyone associated with a private club particularly Board Members of private clubs, Committee members of Member […]

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PGA show moment

Just returned from the 2020 PGA Show in Orlando. Had a great time meeting customers, viewing and trying new products, and making new friends. But what struck me most was an interaction I had with a sales rep who uses GolfSurfin.com While walking the show floor, someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked my […]

You don’t know jack about Thanksgiving

…at least we don’t at GolfSurfin.com. Did you know there are over 200 websites discussing what really occurred during the very first official Thanksgiving celebration? In fact, there’s a debate on just about every aspect of the first Thanksgiving meal including WHEN and WHERE it actually took place and WHO attended. In reality, much of the […]

Beware of Spooky Golf Employers

Employers constantly complain about bad candidates, a lack of solid ones available and turnover. But what about scary employers? You know the ones that never take responsibility for screwing-up the interview process and/or cause turnover. In the spirit of Halloween, let’s look at some of the most scary golf employers that should be avoided during […]


Take advantage of salespeople who call on your shop

Came across an article written in 1977 for Golf Business magazine titled “Take advantage of the salesmen who call on your shop”. Btw should now be titled “salespeople”. The article gives a “birds eye” view of the trials and tribulations of a golf sales rep in “olden times”. Thought it would interesting and valuable to […]

Interview – Secrets of a Con Man Part I

You may be thinking why in the world would anyone want to interview like a con artist. They cheat, lie and steal and overall have more then a bad rap – they’re just plain bad people. That’s what I thought too until I stumbled upon a list of strategies and techniques used very successfully by con […]

Two ways golf employers screw-up hiring

There are so many ways golf companies and clubs screw-up hiring good, solid candidates. We’re going to address two of the most common hiring faux pas. One: Poorly Written Job Ads  So many ads are written with the employer in mind – primarily focused on what they want and need in a candidate. Reality Alert…good […]