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Learn interview technique from the King of all Media

Finally finished reading Matthew Berry’s book Fantasy Life”. Yes I’m a very slow reader (like a turtle) but  consider it “quality vs. quantity” reading. And you’re probably wondering why a middle aged lady living in Miami would be interested in fantasy football (ff). Because its challenging and fun! I’ve always been a bit of a […]

Magically hire as many golf reps as you need

If you or someone in your company can magically recruit solid sales people without having to deal with issues like brand awareness, demand, quality, delivery, compensation etc then don’t read any further…you don’t need GolfSurfin.com. However if Houdini is missing from your management team the above issues must be addressed and you probably need our […]

Land golf job with no connections

I’m obsessed with finding information to help our followers and customers with their job search and how land their dream golf job. If you’re golf job search is at a standstill and you don’t have a list chock full of contacts to help, you need to devise a plan. After spending hours reading about job […]

Recruiting secret used by the best companies in the world

Ever wonder why some companies and golf clubs attract the best candidates like honey to a bee?Sure some may have oodles of expendable income and five star facilities yet, when it comes to recruiting, they also follow unique, innovative recruiting strategies vs. their competitors.Not every golf club/resort has a kick-butt course, clubhouse and/or tons of […]

Hollywood writer says bs to job app process

I’m a big Fantasy Football junkie…official Commish of the Real Housewives of Miami Fantasy Football league. Started reading Matthew Berry’s book “Fantasy Life” (thoughtful Xmas gift from my daughter) who describes how he found his way into the sports fantasy biz; his passion. If you’re not familiar with Matthew Berry, he’s a top fantasy football […]

How to pooh on your job search without even trying

Too many candidates seeking a new golf job self sabotage their chances of landing their “dream” golf job or gig or something close to it through procrastination. Procrastination rears its ugly head in many ways like: Excuses for not following-up or pursuing good leads Busy/trivial work like consuming yourself with filing biz cards you collected […]

Golf Companys – Too busy to find reps

Lots of golf companies have returned from the PGA show following-up with customer leads and potential sales people they may have met at the show…and they’re REALLY BUSY. Busy with customers, product returns, product info, phone calls, existing customers, existing reps, problems, planning… They’re too busy to focus on hiring new golf reps and/or replacing […]

Club Recruiting – Beware of the sweeping balloon ladies

Always amazed at how reminders and reinforcements for good recruiting habits can pop up in everyday life…like when doing in a half marathon. Walked in my first (and probably last) 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) last week at runDisney in Orlando with my daughter. Everyone I talked to beforehand said “you’ll finish no problem…you’re walking for […]

Golf Manufacturers – Too busy looking for freebies

We get inquiries, lots of them, regarding our service from golf companies desperately in need of finding golf reps… especially around this time of the year light of the upcoming PGA show. Many of these companies are just “shopping” for free info and/or service with zero-point-zero intent of making a purchase. The conversations include questions like: […]

Candidates – Make the Skeleton Dance

Been touting for a while how important it is for candidates to “stand out” from the crowd if they want a great gig in golf. There are many ways to stand out. In a good way. A great way to stand-out in an interview is to address your weaknesses right up-front…get it all out. Sometimes […]