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Has your club board/committee run amok?

Management turnover within a golf club can be a serious, (and in many cases), chronic problem. Why? Because after 3-4 turns of a General Manager the club’s reputation gets tarnished and no decent candidate will then touch the job with “a 10 foot pole”. A common cause of GM turnover occurs when committees/board members “run […]

Low Sales Ad Response Rate…Why?

Received an email from a customer who wasn’t satisfied with his response rate from an ad he placed on our job board for independent sales reps and asked me to review it and give my feedback. His ad was pretty typical of one that doesn’t work so well for golf sales recruitment. And here’s why. […]

Holmes vs.Watson…Which Interview Style Are You?

Let’s face it, effective interviewing skills for golf club positions are similar to those used by detectives. The two most notorious investigating duo with distinct styles are Sherlock Holmes and sidekick, Dr. Watson. Holmes and Watson make a great team yet have very different interviewing techniques. Which interviewing style describes you? Watson is the nice […]

Hiring Sales Reps: Promises, promises…

Familiar scenario? You’re trying to build a sales force in the golf industry with independent reps and have a solid product/service offering. All you need is a handful of passionate sales people to “spread the word” so you proceed to interview golf reps. Here are some of the promises typically heard during an interview: rep […]