Interviewing – Zoom calls – look the part

If you’re an employer and lately running into shabby candidates during interviews, may want to pass this info on.

Or you’re a job seeker looking to score a gig in golf. 

Take heed to the following advice.

We’ve all experienced changes Covid has brought into our daily lives and routines, including job hunting.

Now more than ever, it’s important that a job seeker have a great, professional look online while interviewing.

Zoom interviews have become the new norm.

There are clear differences interacting with a potential employer through a desktop/laptop vs. a traditional face to face meeting like having the proper lighting, background, testing how you appear on screen, use of mute button, quality internet connection etc….

Yet the one constant that remains, regardless of how you interview be it “live” or online, is your appearance.

You’ve got to look good!

This topic has been discussed ad nauseam yet people still get lazy and refuse to make their appearance a priority.

And it happens in every industry at all levels.

Reminds me of a dilemma a very good friend experienced with a former boss.

My friend sold large, hi-tech products/services to $1M + accounts and doing very well, one of the highest producers in the company.

While attending a company-wide meeting (pre-Covid), my friend was introduced to upper management for the first time.

While observing these executives inter mingling, his biggest concern became his boss.

The boss didn’t look the part, as sharp as the other exec’s, and he was worried this would effect his bottom line when negotiating with corporate to close big deals.

Unfortunately, soon after that meeting, his boss left the company.

My friend’s instincts were right!

Although the boss was a great guy and good sales manager, he didn’t fit in with his peers.

The first and biggest indication of this was his appearance.

The unspoken “rule” of looking the part applies to all industries including golf.

Whether you’re interviewing for a sales job (regardless of the industry), management position at a club or a seasonal work, you must look your best.

Spend money on your clothes.

Don’t cheap out.

Don’t get lazy.

Buy the best dress, suit, tie, shoes, and/or bag you can afford.

And good grooming counts as well.

Get your hair cut, (ladies)blown out, nails done, brows trimmed.

From the waste up you want to look your best and it shows when you’ve invested time and money in your appearance.

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Dawn Schlesinger