Prepare for interview like a US Open tennis match

If watching professional tennis is your thing, it’s US Open just concluded and thought it fitting to apply a mental strategy used by a world-class athlete and use it in your job interviews.

Played a USTA doubles tennis match this Summer in the picturesque, cool, breezy mountains of North Carolina.

Although the weather was a reprieve from the scorchingly hot Summer conditions in Miami my home-base, the competition was fierce especially since I haven’t been playing much in the heat.

Needed to prepare mentally for the battle ahead!

My go to source for a quick “mental tune -up” is one of the best tennis strategy books ever written called “Winning Ugly” by the now famous tennis tv commentator Brad Gilbert…he’s all over coverage at this year’s Open.

If you’re not familiar with Brad’s pro tennis career, he was a journeyman on the ATP Tour (Association of Tennis Professionals). Of average ability and talent, Brad made a dangerous foe by figuring out and exposing his rival’s weaknesses. At the same time Brad used his strengths to slay some of the biggest names on the tour in the 90’s including Johnny Mac (McEnroe), Michael Chang, Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg.

Not too shabby.

So how can average guy with an average body type and skill-set, abused by the likes of McEnroe screaming during a match “Gilbert you are the worst. The — worst! …you don’t belong on the same court as me!” take down multiple titans of tennis?

Brad asked himself 2 questions before every match:

A – what do I want to make happen?

B – what do I want to prevent from happening?

This advice is golden for interview preparation.

Before approaching any interview, uncover what problems a potential employer may have and explain how you (your strengths) can help solve their problem/problems.

The goal is to not let personal or professional weaknesses sway an employer the wrong way. I’m not suggesting you ignore or lie about your shortcomings like a lack of experience. Instead, be honest and explain that a lack of tenure pales in comparison to the level of energy and determination you have to succeed (check out blog entry called “Make the Skeleton Dance” detailing a cool story about a guy who turns big resume negatives into positives during his interview).

Make the interview focus on the employer’s needs and your strengths.

Prevent weaknesses from putting the kabosh on a job offer by spinning negatives into positives.

Get your game on and attack your next interview like a pro.

Speaking of positioning, looking for a job in golf?

Get an upper hand on the competition by sending your resume to thousands of golf employers exclusively through our White Glove service.

It’s easy to use and effective placing you and your uniqueness in the spotlight.

Dawn Schlesinger


  1. Pic above. That’s me in white and my partner playing as deep underdogs. Won 1st round  lost in quarter finals.

Resume writing guarantees – fact or fiction

Doing some poking around on the internet before writing a guide/ebook to help candidates find a job in golf.

After plugging in few key words and phrases, I kept landing on resume writing services. Didn’t I realize how many of these companies exist along with the unbelievable guarantees they make.

For example let’s look at a service called “Resumes Guaranteed”.

Their guarantee includes:

“If you are not HIRED within 60 days of receiving your new resume, we’ll refund your money, PAY you $50*, AND continue to help re-work your resume!*”

Wow not only will they refund your money but you can actually earn dough by not getting a job. Is this true?

Let’s dig deeper.

Continued to scroll around reading the fine print and wallah there in black and white was a major refund requirement stating:

“*Guarantee requires clients to submit at least 40 copies (hard copies) of their resume to prospective employers following our advice.”

It gets better.

“You must provide reasonable proof that you submitted your resume to at least 40 prospective employers in the form of certified mail, receipts or verifiable fax transmissions receipts (if you utilize an untargeted mass submission service, their bulk submission shall count as “one” mailing/faxing for the purpose of this requirement.”

I’m exhausted just reading these requirements let alone the thought of having to fulfill them.

In my humble opinion, if a guarantee sounds too good to be true it’s too good to be true.

It’s also my opinion that if anyone in the employment biz i.e. consultants, writing services, job boards, headhunters etc… – no matter the industry – charges a fee then guarantees employment is full of horse poop!

Now for the good news.

While further perusing the long list of refund requirements I came upon a link called “Our expert resume distribution guide” which is actually a little nugget of great advice for job seekers.

In fact, there’s so much good advice I could write about them for days.

Check out their guide by clicking the following link:

This is the stuff they should be selling vs, resume writing.

Odds are if you have no contacts decision makers are never going to see your brand spankin new, perfectly key worded resume.

There’s no point spending $$$ on a resume if the right girl/guy doesn’t read it.

I’ll skip the “days of writing” and summarize some key “guide” points like:

  • candidates seeking employment in golf should not rely solely on job ads to find opportunities (our White Glove Service reaches decision makers directly)
  • research the contact and club/company of interest before making contact
  • send a copy of your resume along with a targeted cover letter describing why you’re unique and how an employer will benefit by hiring you

Hope I’ve given you some job seeking food for thought…now go Weedhopper, seek and conquer and land your dream golf job!

Dawn Schlesinger

Learn interview technique from the King of all Media

Finally finished reading Matthew Berry’s book Fantasy Life”. Yes I’m a very slow reader (like a turtle) but  consider it “quality vs. quantity” reading.

And you’re probably wondering why a middle aged lady living in Miami would be interested in fantasy football (ff).

Because its challenging and fun!

I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, followed sports when I was a kid and got the fantasy sports bug about 4 years ago. I’m now approaching season #4 as Commissioner of the “Real Housewives of Miami” ff all women league. It’s been a blast and I’m really proud of the ladies who step-up by trying something new, foreign something they know nothing about and end up throwing trash talk like T.O. or Richard Sherman by season’s end. Pretty cool to observe.

Anyway back to the book and lesson for today which I’ve discussed in the past (take a look at blog post Stick Out in a Good Way).

At the end of the book Mathew added a “bonus section” to update his story and probably to sell more books. One of the major events he talks about is getting an interview with his idol Howard Stern on SiriusXM radio show.

Matthew Berry was a pretty seasoned host and guest on sports radio shows yet he was so psyched and nervous about his interview with the one and only, King of all Media, most successful and outrageous radio personality ever to hit the airwaves, that he could barely sleep the night before.

Of course he made it through the interview with flying colors even took a picture with Howard at the shows conclusion.

A couple of days after his appearance Berry received a handwritten note from Howard.

In his words: “I got a note at home. From Howard. Thanking me for being on his show….in all the years I’ve been interviewed by every type of show, it’s the first time I have ever gotten a personal note like that. The whole thing, start to finish, was a complete and total class act. I didn’t think it was possible but I became a bigger Howard fan in those few moments off-air than I had in 20 years.”

If The King of All Media can send a ff analyst show guest a handwritten note thanking him for his time and making a huge, positive impression doing so then wouldn’t make sense that candidate who wants to stand out from other applicants do the same after an interview with a potential employer?

The point I’m making is that candidates want to take any/every advantage to separate themselves from other applicants and make an impact.

One effective way to do this is writing a handwritten note to the person/people conducting the interview.

Another way to stand out is through our White Glove service.

Take a peek at White Glove details.

PS. here’s a pic of some of my ff league mates during awards night.


Land golf job with no connections

I’m obsessed with finding information to help our followers and customers with their job search and how land their dream golf job.

If you’re golf job search is at a standstill and you don’t have a list chock full of contacts to help, you need to devise a plan.

After spending hours reading about job seeking secrets and daily talks with candidates and employers in the golf industry, I think the best advice I can give to candidates new and not so new to golf is to research the heck out of what you want to do, who you need to contact, the company/club you want to work for and, most important, the problems/challenges they have that you’re going to help solve.

Whether it’s an influencer (someone who can lead you to a decision maker) you’re trying to close or the hiring manager…show them you know your stuff.


Because you’re special and the way you conduct your job search is the way you’re going to do your job if they hire you…better then anyone else out there.

You’re willing to make the effort.

Go the extra mile.

Stand out from the pack.

That’s why your special.

Check-out this killer article titled How To Get a Job Anywhere With No Connectiions by Cultivated Culture.

It gives you step by step instructions on how to uncover your dream job, who to contact, how to contact her/him…and if you land a meeting how to prepare for it.

Anyways happy reading and also consider trying our White Glove service…an easy way to stand-out and shine in front of thousands of potential employers in the golf industry.

Hollywood writer says bs to job app process

Fantasy Football and Golf Job

I’m a big Fantasy Football junkie…official Commish of the Real Housewives of Miami Fantasy Football league.

Started reading Matthew Berry’s book “Fantasy Life” (thoughtful Xmas gift from my daughter) who describes how he found his way into the sports fantasy biz; his passion.

If you’re not familiar with Matthew Berry, he’s a top fantasy football (ff) guru on ESPN. Writes a column, has his own ff show as well as a group show on National tv. He’s cornered the market as an expert in the ever popular and growing world of fantasy sports.

Anyways back to the book.

Matthew describes how he went to Hollywood, became a reasonably successful writer for tv shows like “Married With Children” and movies. His big movie break Crocodile Dundee 3 was actually sold, produced and released which is a big deal in La La land…ok so it may not be a movie of the highest caliber like a Godfather, Wonder Woman or Star Wars yet by Hollywood standards he was doing pretty damn good.

Despite his success, Matthew wasn’t happy. His passion was writing about fantasy sports…primarily football.

He stumbled across an ad for a fantasy sports writer and sent a message to the contact pouring his heart out in a long, impassioned email about how he was a Hollywood writer and lived and breathed fantasy sports…And he’d work for FREE!

Yet no response back.

So guess what his mindset was and I quote:

“That’s not a no (no response), right? It’s just a challenge that needs to be overcome”.

Make a long story short he uncovers the head writer of the hiring sports site asks his opinion on how to get a foot in the door, yada yada yada and low and behold the guy turns out to be the hiring manager. Apparently the job’s contact email was so overflowed with applications that the manager had no time to sift through them all.

Mathew winds up getting the job with Rotoworld and the rest is history.

What’s this Cinderella story have to do with finding golf jobs?

I’ll tell you what.

Just because you don’t hear from an employer doesn’t mean you can’t get a  job in golf. What you need to do is think outside the box, separate yourself from the pack (our White Glove service gives you clear applicant mob separation ) then sell your strengths.

I know you’re thinking this guy Berry had big-time writing chops and credentials. Maybe so, but that didn’t get him a foot-in the-door.

This example also proves that a killer, “bang-up” work history doesn’t even guarantee a response let alone an interview.

Rather, not accepting “no” for an answer and bypassing the application process gave him the chance to close the deal.

This crucial job seeking step is where many candidates fail miserably.

If you’re not scared to be bold, creative and take control of your job search odds are in your favor to close a great job in golf vs. waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting for employers to respond back.

How to pooh on your job search without even trying

Candidates looking for a golf job should use White Glove service

Too many candidates seeking a new golf job self sabotage their chances of landing their “dream” golf job or gig or something close to it through procrastination.

Procrastination rears its ugly head in many ways like:

Excuses for not following-up or pursuing good leads

Busy/trivial work like consuming yourself with filing biz cards you collected or spending hours pondering the “right” fonts for your resume

Perfectionism; re-writing first line of your cover letter sooo many times (you want it perfect!) that you miss the application deadline

Spending more time applying to new online jobs vs time researching companies beforehand or following-up afterwards

Procrastination is a form of avoidance.

We avoid doing what we KNOW will help us in the long term by doing the easy stuff…

whats comfortable

whats convenient

whats easy

the stuff in front of us

But time marches on, and the more we procrastinate the less likely we are to do anything meaningful with our job search.

If your goal is to find a good or great golf job in 2018 its time to take action and get results.

A great “call to action” job seeking tool capable of landing  a real golf job near you is our “White Glove” service.

White Glove gives you an exclusive opportunity to “show-off” your value, results, ambition and drive to potential golf employers.

Click here to get started.

Candidates – Make the Skeleton Dance

Been touting for a while how important it is for candidates to “stand out” from the crowd if they want a great gig in golf.

There are many ways to stand out.

In a good way.

A great way to stand-out in an interview is to address your weaknesses right up-front…get it all out.

Sometimes called “making the skeleton dance”(may be the wrong holiday for skeletons but topic appropriate nevertheless), means being honest about your negatives then spin them to your advantage.


Read an article called, Making the Skeleton Dance: Bragging About Negatives”.

The gist of the story goes as such:

Candidate Clyde comes late into the interview process. He’s oldish, mid-50’s, not a looker, been unemployed for a while And spent some time in the “pen” years back when he was young and stupid.

He opens the interview pointing out each and every negative described above then comfortably transitions into his pitch “so let me tell you why I’m the best candidate you’re ever going to find for this position”.

He stresses the fact that he can’t afford not to succeed regardless of how difficult the job becomes because he never wants to be in this position again.

And more. The lessons he learned while “away” were invaluable and made him successful at every job he has had since.

The managers fawn over Clyde and make him an offer. Within 48 hours he declines…a much better offer came in.

So a guy out of work, in his 50’s who admits to spending time in jail not only beats out younger candidates with a job offer but gets multiple offers! Thats how one “makes his skeletons dance”.

Too many candidates hide their shortcomings or try and talk around them during an interview.

Be upfront and honest about your weaknesses then use them as a vehicle to sell yourself.

If done correctly not only will employers appreciate your honesty they’ll be dazzled at your ability to use your “noodle” and turn negatives into positives.

Want your resume to stand out too?

Through our “White Glove” service we’ll “blast” your resume into the hands of thousands of golf decision makers quickly and professionally.

Click the “Get Started” click here, register, then click the “White Glove” tab in your profile.


STICK OUT in a Good Way!

So you’re interviewing for a golf job…any job whether it’s a Caddie, GM, F&B, Outside Operations (seasonal), Chef, Tournament Manager, Sales Rep etc…doesn’t matter.

Regardless of the position your goal is to get an offer!

You had the interview. Hopefully you did your homework and a little research on the employer.
You felt pretty confident answering questions, made a decent case as to why you’re “the one” for the position and got the interviewer to open-u, talk about the position and even a bit about herself.

Let’s say the she’s interviewing 5-7 people for the position.

How are you going to stand out and be memorable after the interview?

At the very least you’re probably going to send a Thank You e-mail which ehhh most decent candidates do…safe but boring.

Do something different.

How about sending a hand written Thank You note…you’ll need a pen and a note card made of paper. They still exist, I swear. Bet you’ve never done this.

Or kick it up a notch and send a big 8 X 11 envelope with a hand written letter or note and maybe a copy of an article or topic you both discussed?

A lot of you are probably saying I’m not comfortable doing that or it’s too much work or that’s not me.

Well here’s the deal.

You want to stand out in a positive, professional way and being more creative and personal with your follow-up will separate you from the pack.
Exerting a little extra effort will go a long way especially if you’re pursuing your “perfect/dream” job.

Even if you don’t get it, you’ll be remembered in a good way and who knows maybe down the line they’ll think of you for next opportunity.

Ready to find your “dream” golf job and stand-out from the crowd, click here to register and sign-up for our White Glove Service.

The Savvy Tour Guide

Recently returned from a 3.5 week trip to Israel with my husband. Was long but a very cool experience full of religion, history, hummus and chopped salad.

Joined a mission/tour of lawyers and judges from Miami most of the time but spent some alone time away from the group before and after the tour.

When we first arrived in Jerusalem my husband and I ventured out on our own to the “Old City” and took in all the sites including stunning architecture, holy places like the ‘Great Wall” and kind of just wandered around until we ran into a very nice, friendly guy who spoke perfect English. We obviously looked like tourist…must’ve had that doe eye where are we look.

Our new found friend asked if we would like to see where Jesus had his “last supper’? Heck yeah. Went to 10 years of Catholic school so I was very familiar with Jesus’ last gathering. (heres 2 pics of last supper location. Not really how I envisioned it but cool nevertheless).


While walking to the famous destination this nice man who never announced he was a formal guide proceeded to ask tons of open-ended, questions like;

Where are you from?

Where have you been?

When did you get here?

How long are you staying?

Who are you with?

Why are you here?


Found it fascinating how smooth this guy was at asking qualifying questions. In fact, I could tell he was sizing us up whether or not we were long term customers or just a quick hit.

Turns out we had a planned tour that was extremely detailed and thorough so he made the most of his short time with us. He spent about an hour with us and my husband tipped him pretty well.

What’s the lesson here?

When you’re in an interview be like the tour guide and get the employer (or person you’re interviewing with) to talk about themselves and the job to which you’re applying.

People love talking about themselves and love being around people willing to listen. Stick with open ended questions.

Another tip I give to candidates and friends/family when interviewing is “close the deal” by asking something like:

“Based on what we discussed, do you think I’d make a good fit for this job?” OR “How do I rank compared to other candidates you’ve seen?” OR “How do my qualifications compare to other active candidates”?

I hate when people say “trust me” but I’m telling you trust me on this. Not many people have the “cajones” to close a potential employer and if you do you’ll stick out from the pack.

There’s ton’s of psychology going on when a person commits to you out loud. It’s almost like she can’t take it away once she says it.

I could on and on about the benefits of closing.

Doesn’t matter what type of job you’re pursuing And you don’t have to be “hardcore” or in your face aggressive.
Simply ask the interviewer how you stack-up vs. the competition. If you ask they they will remember!

If you got your interviewing “mojo” working and ready to move one step closer to landing your dream golf job, click here to get started.

(Click the above link, register for free, then click the “White Glove” tab. If you’re already registered, log-in and click the White Glove tab).

Leave you with a pic of me and hubby in Israel Desert.