STICK OUT in a Good Way!

So you’re interviewing for a golf job…any job whether it’s a Caddie, GM, F&B, Outside Operations (seasonal), Chef, Tournament Manager, Sales Rep etc…doesn’t matter.

Regardless of the position your goal is to get an offer!

You had the interview. Hopefully you did your homework and a little research on the employer.
You felt pretty confident answering questions, made a decent case as to why you’re “the one” for the position and got the interviewer to open-u, talk about the position and even a bit about herself.

Let’s say the she’s interviewing 5-7 people for the position.

How are you going to stand out and be memorable after the interview?

At the very least you’re probably going to send a Thank You e-mail which ehhh most decent candidates do…safe but boring.

Do something different.

How about sending a hand written Thank You note…you’ll need a pen and a note card made of paper. They still exist, I swear. Bet you’ve never done this.

Or kick it up a notch and send a big 8 X 11 envelope with a hand written letter or note and maybe a copy of an article or topic you both discussed?

A lot of you are probably saying I’m not comfortable doing that or it’s too much work or that’s not me.

Well here’s the deal.

You want to stand out in a positive, professional way and being more creative and personal with your follow-up will separate you from the pack.
Exerting a little extra effort will go a long way especially if you’re pursuing your “perfect/dream” job.

Even if you don’t get it, you’ll be remembered in a good way and who knows maybe down the line they’ll think of you for next opportunity.

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The Savvy Tour Guide

Recently returned from a 3.5 week trip to Israel with my husband. Was long but a very cool experience full of religion, history, hummus and chopped salad.

Joined a mission/tour of lawyers and judges from Miami most of the time but spent some alone time away from the group before and after the tour.

When we first arrived in Jerusalem my husband and I ventured out on our own to the “Old City” and took in all the sites including stunning architecture, holy places like the ‘Great Wall” and kind of just wandered around until we ran into a very nice, friendly guy who spoke perfect English. We obviously looked like tourist…must’ve had that doe eye where are we look.

Our new found friend asked if we would like to see where Jesus had his “last supper’? Heck yeah. Went to 10 years of Catholic school so I was very familiar with Jesus’ last gathering. (heres 2 pics of last supper location. Not really how I envisioned it but cool nevertheless).


While walking to the famous destination this nice man who never announced he was a formal guide proceeded to ask tons of open-ended, questions like;

Where are you from?

Where have you been?

When did you get here?

How long are you staying?

Who are you with?

Why are you here?


Found it fascinating how smooth this guy was at asking qualifying questions. In fact, I could tell he was sizing us up whether or not we were long term customers or just a quick hit.

Turns out we had a planned tour that was extremely detailed and thorough so he made the most of his short time with us. He spent about an hour with us and my husband tipped him pretty well.

What’s the lesson here?

When you’re in an interview be like the tour guide and get the employer (or person you’re interviewing with) to talk about themselves and the job to which you’re applying.

People love talking about themselves and love being around people willing to listen. Stick with open ended questions.

Another tip I give to candidates and friends/family when interviewing is “close the deal” by asking something like:

“Based on what we discussed, do you think I’d make a good fit for this job?” OR “How do I rank compared to other candidates you’ve seen?” OR “How do my qualifications compare to other active candidates”?

I hate when people say “trust me” but I’m telling you trust me on this. Not many people have the “cajones” to close a potential employer and if you do you’ll stick out from the pack.

There’s ton’s of psychology going on when a person commits to you out loud. It’s almost like she can’t take it away once she says it.

I could on and on about the benefits of closing.

Doesn’t matter what type of job you’re pursuing And you don’t have to be “hardcore” or in your face aggressive.
Simply ask the interviewer how you stack-up vs. the competition. If you ask they they will remember!

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Leave you with a pic of me and hubby in Israel Desert.