Hollywood writer says bs to job app process

Fantasy Football and Golf Job

I’m a big Fantasy Football junkie…official Commish of the Real Housewives of Miami Fantasy Football league.

Started reading Matthew Berry’s book “Fantasy Life” (thoughtful Xmas gift from my daughter) who describes how he found his way into the sports fantasy biz; his passion.

If you’re not familiar with Matthew Berry, he’s a top fantasy football (ff) guru on ESPN. Writes a column, has his own ff show as well as a group show on National tv. He’s cornered the market as an expert in the ever popular and growing world of fantasy sports.

Anyways back to the book.

Matthew describes how he went to Hollywood, became a reasonably successful writer for tv shows like “Married With Children” and movies. His big movie break Crocodile Dundee 3 was actually sold, produced and released which is a big deal in La La land…ok so it may not be a movie of the highest caliber like a Godfather, Wonder Woman or Star Wars yet by Hollywood standards he was doing pretty damn good.

Despite his success, Matthew wasn’t happy.

His passion was writing about fantasy sports…primarily football.

He stumbled across an ad for a fantasy sports writer and sent a message to the contact pouring his heart out in a long, impassioned email about how he was a Hollywood writer and lived and breathed fantasy sports…And he’d work for FREE!

Yet no response back.

So guess what his mindset was and I quote:

“That’s not a no (no response), right? It’s just a challenge that needs to be overcome”.

Make a long story short he uncovers the head writer of the hiring sports site asks his opinion on how to get a foot in the door, yada yada yada and low and behold the guy turns out to be the hiring manager. Apparently the job’s contact email was so overflowed with applications that the manager had no time to sift through them all.

Mathew winds up getting the job with Rotoworld and the rest is history.

What’s this Cinderella story have to do with finding golf jobs?

I’ll tell you what.

Just because you don’t hear from an employer doesn’t mean you can’t get a  job in golf.

Think outside the box!

Separate yourself from the pack (our White Glove service gives you clear applicant mob separation ) then sell your strengths.

I know you’re thinking this guy Berry had big-time writing chops and credentials. Maybe so, but that didn’t get him a foot-in the-door.

This example also shows that a killer, “bang-up” work history doesn’t even guarantee a response let alone an interview.

Rather, not accepting “no” for an answer and bypassing the application process gave him the chance to close the deal.

This crucial job seeking step is where many candidates fail miserably.

If you’re not scared to be bold, creative and take control of your job search odds are in your favor to close a great job in golf vs. waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting for employers to respond back.

How to pooh on your job search without even trying

Candidates looking for a golf job should use White Glove service

Too many candidates seeking a new golf job self sabotage their chances of landing their “dream” golf job or gig or something close to it through procrastination.

Procrastination rears its ugly head in many ways like:

Excuses for not following-up or pursuing good leads

Busy/trivial work like consuming yourself with filing biz cards you collected or spending hours pondering the “right” fonts for your resume

Perfectionism; re-writing first line of your cover letter sooo many times (you want it perfect!) that you miss the application deadline

Spending more time applying to new online jobs vs time researching companies beforehand or following-up afterwards

Procrastination is a form of avoidance.

We avoid doing what we KNOW will help us in the long term by doing the easy stuff…

whats comfortable

whats convenient

whats easy

the stuff in front of us

But time marches on, and the more we procrastinate the less likely we are to do anything meaningful with our job search.

If your goal is to find a good or great golf job in 2018 its time to take action and get results.

A great “call to action” job seeking tool capable of landing  a real golf job near you is our “White Glove” service.

White Glove gives you an exclusive opportunity to “show-off” your value, results, ambition and drive to potential golf employers.

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