Been touting for a while how important it is for candidates to “stand out” from the crowd if they want a great gig in golf.

There are many ways to stand out.

In a good way.

A great way to stand-out in an interview is to address your weaknesses right up-front…get it all out.

Sometimes called “making the skeleton dance”(may be the wrong holiday for skeletons but topic appropriate nevertheless), means being honest about your negatives then spin them to your advantage.


Read an article called, Making the Skeleton Dance: Bragging About Negatives”.

The gist of the story goes as such:

Candidate Clyde comes late into the interview process. He’s oldish, mid-50’s, not a looker, been unemployed for a while And spent some time in the “pen” years back when he was young and stupid.

He opens the interview pointing out each and every negative described above then comfortably transitions into his pitch “so let me tell you why I’m the best candidate you’re ever going to find for this position”.

He stresses the fact that he can’t afford not to succeed regardless of how difficult the job becomes because he never wants to be in this position again.

And more. The lessons he learned while “away” were invaluable and made him successful at every job he has had since.

The managers fawn over Clyde and make him an offer. Within 48 hours he declines…a much better offer came in.

So a guy out of work, in his 50’s who admits to spending time in jail not only beats out younger candidates with a job offer but gets multiple offers! Thats how one “makes his skeletons dance”.

Too many candidates hide their shortcomings or try and talk around them during an interview.

Be upfront and honest about your weaknesses then use them as a vehicle to sell yourself.

If done correctly not only will employers appreciate your honesty they’ll be dazzled at your ability to use your “noodle” and turn negatives into positives.

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