Why Should I use GolfSurfin.com to post an opening?

GolfSurfin.com is the #1 Internet Job Board for Golf. We launched the site in October of 2000 and have been filling golf jobs ever since. Much of our success is attributed to “high” open e-mail rates, a very loyal following and personal customer service!

Golf companies use GolfSurfin.com for their recruiting needs because:

  • Staying Power – GolfSurfin.com has been filling golf jobs for over 13 years.
  • Job Board averages over 1,500 unique visitors daily.
  • Qualified Candidates – job board visitors are either employed in the golf industry OR wnat to “break-in” to golf.
  • Ad Exposure – “high” open e-mail rates from a very loyal following.
  • Service is FREE for candidates to view and apply to jobs.
  • Personalized Service – we’ll recommend best service for your recruiting needs and respond quickly to service inquiries.
  • Results – we fill golf jobs quickly and professionally!
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